Expert - Author - Collector - Educator

America’s Gold Expert®. Universal Coin and Bullion President Michael Fuljenz, winner of dozens of prestigious national and regional awards and honors, is known across the country by each of these titles.

Mike has also made a name for himself as a consultant to the United States Mint, the Federal Trade Commission, the Royal Canadian Mint, and as a board member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets and Crime Stoppers.  His own company, Universal Coin and Bullion, was founded in 1994 and is among a select few nationally acclaimed, award-winning sources for gold, rare coin, and numismatic education.

Mike, an award-winning author of books and articles,  is riding high these days. His “The Ultimate Saint: The 1907 Indian Head Double Eagle Could Be the New Face of Numismatics” received the NLG’s James L. Miller Award for Best Overall Article of the Year.

Mike Fuljenz’s road to success was not always that smooth, in 2007 a frivolous lawsuit was filed against Universal Coin and Bullion — involving the valuation of rare gold, platinum and silver coins. The case was soon dismissed, but not before Mike and his company discovered how quickly erroneous information can be spread on the Internet to taint reputations. The bright side of the event was that Mike ended up being appointed to the State Bar of Texas Advertising Review Committee.

Mike Fuljenz has received a bevy of awards and accolades.  He has recently been honored with the Numismatic Literary Guild’s prestigious Clemy Award, an honor followed by a pair of NLG television awards for the company’s monthly “Coins and Precious Metals Report” segments on Beaumont’s KBTV Fox 4. These are the latest in a long list of honors (nearly 50 major awards in 12 or more different categories from the Numismatic Literary Guild) given to Mike and his company, including outstanding achievement awards from the Congressionally chartered American Numismatic Association and the 2012 “Best Dealer Publication” honor for Mike’s “Personal Gold Guide.”  The Press Club of Southeast Texas, in conjunction with the Better Business Bureau, has honored Mike for his consumer protection work, as well.

Mike Fuljenz’s solid reputation as an active community spokesperson (he’s worked closely with local law enforcement to investigate crimes involving rare coins, bullion and jewelry) and his diligent volunteer work on behalf of Beaumont’s civic, church, and athletic organizations have earned him even more honors and recognition.

Mike is often quoted in articles about rare coins and precious metals in magazines and by major news organizations nationwide, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business Network. When he’s not talking to the media, Mike is presenting educational seminars to law enforcement organizations and at National Rifle Association conventions.

As a keynote speaker at special training seminars for Texas and Florida law enforcement officers, Mike provided participants with names of experts and organizations to contact when a gold or collectible coin fraud or theft is reported, or a recovery is made. He spoke from the perspective of someone who knows the coin business and who has worked with law enforcement and government agencies that help resolve the many permutations of numismatic crimes.

An award-winning author of newsletters, articles and four books about rare gold coins and bullion, Mike Fuljenz is one among a handful of experts in the United States who’ve been widely acknowledged by his peers.